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MAD Services
Dutch genomics service & support provider
(anno 2000)
UvA DTL Hotel
Facilitated access to scientific expertise and technological equipment
Contract Research Lab
For outsourcing of your genomics research to top experts
Test your small innovative projects or pilot experiments!
Green & Genomics Student Labs
New research training labs for students:
academic environment combined with innovative (applied) questions from non-academic partners

Available services




Microarray technology


Genomics consultancy

DTL Hotel projects

(Small)RNAseq of disease-resistant tomato

Genome sequencing of evolved Synechocystis

Transcriptomics for immunogenicity

Contract research proj.

Green Forensics

Small RNA discovery in plant breeding
+ extension

Plant virus diagnostics

Ultra-long read NGS

Influenza biomarkers

Springplank Ideeën

Skim sequencing

Muskrat detection

Green SL projects

Small RNA atlas in crops

Plant virus diagnostics

Small RNAseq for virus discovery

Tracing Muskrat migration

Seed batch QC with genomics

Genomics SL projects

Breast cancer cf-RNA biomarkers

RNA biomarkers for aging

Transgenerational stress and RNA

Industrial enzymes discovery